To complement our Q&A and panel discussion event on “Preparing Vancouver for Large Events,” we’ve compiled relevant resources for business owners and event organizers.

Event Permits and Business Grants
1. Applying for a Special Events Permit (SEP)

SEPs are required for an event organizer or host to sell and serve liquor in a location that isn’t a private residence, private place, or licensed establishment. To find out more visit here.

2. Applying for a Liquor License

Liquor licenses and permits are required to sell liquor in BC. These licenses do take a while to process (about 3-8 months) so consider applying early to meet your needs. To apply or amend a liquor license or permit visit here.

3. City of Vancouver Special Event Permitting Resources

The City of Vancouver has a handy page dedicated to organizing special events on Vancouver streets, sidewalks, plazas, parks and civic spaces including a special event permitting handbook. Read more here.

4. Business Beautification Fund (BBF)

The BBF exists to enhance the outward appearance of street-level businesses; ensuring your business is inviting to foot traffic will help boost sales. To find out more and to apply visit here.

5. Storefront Security Grant

Offering funding to businesses that have been impacted by criminal activity, this grant can support repairs and restorations to affected buildings. To find out more visit here.  

Stay up to date on upcoming events

Find out when large (medium and small) events are coming to Vancouver to prepare your business.

Resources for Small Businesses

Small Business BC has a plethora of helpful resources for small to medium sized businesses including a marketing and sales guide, importing and exporting goods in Canada, a market research checklist, and so much more. Find out more about their resources here.

Social Media & Brand Promotion Resources

The following pages have some helpful tips and information to get you thinking about how you can increase visitors to your business or event.

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