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We are downtown Vancouver’s Business Improvement Association (BIA), and we support, promote, and represent shared interests of as many as 7,000 organizations and property owners. As a member, you will have access to services and programs in the areas of mobility, marketing, business support, beautification, cleanliness, accessibility and advocacy.

By joining our BIA community, small businesses in Vancouver will be driven with creative solutions, shared goals, and meaningful actions. As a result, these smaller-scale organizations will be able to experience considerable business development in Vancouver.

Our services operate strategically with nonprofit organizations, local policy-makers, downtown businesses, and individuals who make up the diverse neighbourhood communities of Vancouver.

So, how will we help you? Firstly, our experienced teams offer ‘placemaking’ services, which involves urban planning, beautification and design. Placemaking can help improve the public space experience of your customers and clients. Secondly, our Clean Team and Safety Ambassadors can help keep the thriving business spaces in Downtown Vancouver safe, clean, and a fun place to be.

With the help of the DVBIA, you can encourage business events in Vancouver, or festivals of all kinds to activate near your business. Our teams know exactly how important events and festivals can be for business development in Vancouver – which is why we are determined to help you host or attract high-quality and unique events.

Lastly, you can also have a look at our event calendar to catch a glimpse of our activities as well as external events happening around the city. There’s lots to do downtown!

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Jan 22, 2020

Want to design a downtown Vancouver street banner? To ensure downtown Vancouver has a distinctive sense of place, the DVBIA collaborates with local organizations, community groups and creative individuals to help enhance and beautify its public realm. As part of our mandate, the DVBIA strives to promote the identity of various streets and districts by…

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What do you get as a member of the Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association? Resources, perks, and community are just a few of the benefits of membership.

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