The DVBIA is excited to present a new series called “People of Downtown,” where we interview impactful members of the downtown community and share their inspiring stories via our monthly newsletter, blog, and social channels.

This month we had the incredible opportunity to speak to Veloris Tait of Ammerose Hair Salon.

Veloris, or “V,” is a Jamaican-Canadian who moved to Vancouver 27 years ago. Veloris strives to make people happy, and believes her love of doing hair does just that.

Veloris and her sister, Amoi, began their business venture together when they opened Jamaro Hair salon in Vancouver in 1995. In 2005, Veloris and Amoi moved their business to the Downtown Vancouver catchment and created Ammerose Hair Salon, where V continues to make hair magic happen at 1282 Howe Street. Veloris’ sister, Amoi, sadly passed away in 2006; however, her spirit continues to live on in the salon; “I’ve always felt she is my inspiration,” says V.

Ammerose Hair Salon prides itself on being a multi-cultural salon that welcomes all hair types and textures. The Salon provides a variety of services such as braiding, cornrows, relaxing, texturizing, extensions, dreadlock maintenance, weaves, colouring, cutting, and styling. Over time, Ammerose has become the go-to salon for its work in creating gorgeous cornrow designs and dreadlocks from scratch. Their mission is to provide their clients with professional hair care service, “from looks that are suitable for your everyday needs, to glamorous hairstyles that get you noticed!”

Having worked downtown for over 17 years, Veloris has seen an immense change in the location and surroundings of Ammerose. The salon has seen many new buildings pop up along Howe Street, which has helped increase its clientele. Veloris hopes to add another stylist to the team to meet the community’s growing demand. “It’s always exciting being downtown! You never know what will happen or who will come in,” she says. Veloris has future plans to renovate and increase the salon’s visibility, as there are still many people who are not aware of their operation.

The COVID-19 pandemic has proven to be a challenge for the business, having had to adapt to new regulations and restrictions as well as “recognizing some of their clients from under their masks.” Fortunately, business at the salon has been steady since reopening in June of 2020. Seeing how the salon has grown over the years has been a business highlight for Veloris. “We have been fortunate enough to work with people in the film and music industry here in this vibrant city of Vancouver,” says V. Veloris is optimistic about the future of Downtown Vancouver and Ammerose Hair Salon.

You can find Ammerose Hair Salon at 1282 Howe Street and can reach them at (604) 261-2245.

For operational hours, to learn more, and to book an appointment, click here.

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