If  you’re a burger enthusiast like we are, we’re positive you’ll be as excited as we were when we first tried the newly opened Burger Crush at 755 Nelson Street.

Burger Crush’s owner and creator, Scott Renton, is originally from Victoria, B.C. but has been living in Vancouver since November 2022 working on his business. “We have been looking for a space in Vancouver for Burger Crush for a few years,” says Scott. “We’ve been wanting to expand the business and felt that Vancouver was the next best step for us.”

The concept behind the burger joint came from Scott’s experience growing up in the 80’s frequenting “no-frills burger shops” that were simple, unwaveringly consistent, and delicious. “The current pace of life, with all its endless decisions and choices, had us feeling nostalgic for those times,” he says. “We were longing for a burger shop that offered the perfect burger, fries, and shake without a menu full of bells and whistles. We wanted to bring the experience of low-stress, high quality fast food back to our community.”

The “secret sauce” to Scott’s concept is the inclusion of those who prefer a meatless meal. The menu offers vegan and veggie-style cheeseburgers along with vegan nuggets and shakes. If you’re a fan of California’s In-N-Out “Animal Style Fries” you’ll adore the Crush Fries topped with fried onions, cheese, and original Crush Sauce.

When asked about his experience operating in Downtown Vancouver so far, Scott replied “we love the vibrancy and our wonderful neighbours here.” Although they haven’t been Downtown Van residents for long, Burger Crush has made a splash on social media and a large impact on the community. “We’re very excited to grow with the community,” says Scott. “The overwhelming reception from the local neighbourhood has been a highlight so far.”

You can visit Burger Crush in-person at 755 Nelson Street or online.