As a true Vancouverite, Reyhaneh (pronounced Ray-hah-neh, not Rihanna like the singer superstar!) grew up in North Vancouver before venturing into Vancouver to begin her career.

Reyhaneh pursued her passion for interior design at the BCIT downtown campus and purchased her first apartment near Yaletown, marking the beginning of her deep connection with downtown Vancouver.

Reyhaneh’s journey led her across the pond to London, UK, for a brief period before she returned to Vancouver. Apart from the sheer beauty of the city, she cherishes Vancouver’s unique blend of urban and natural landscapes. “I can’t think of any other place that, even when you’re stuck in bridge traffic, you have the gorgeous mountains to look at or the amazing ocean views,” she declares. Since returning home, she has been busy navigating the downtown Vancouver scene, finding joy in both leisure and work activities. One of her favourite things about being so conveniently located in downtown is that she can “meet friends and colleagues for a late afternoon picnic by the beach or more conveniently located by [her office] in Coal Harbour Park and seawall.”

Joining Guinness Business Centre (GBC) was a pivotal moment in Reyhaneh’s career. Instantly clicking with her then-manager, Reyhaneh knew she had found a community and a job that was unique, offering countless possibilities. Taking the reins as the Managing Director in late 2016, Reyhaneh has been able to steer GBC through various challenges during those years, staying “calm, cool and collected all the way and continues to embrace her role as ambassador for the company with her style, her smarts, and her dazzling smile” as described by her former manager.

GBC stands as a testament to Reyhaneh’s commitment to providing a unique and sophisticated workspace for downtown Vancouver’s business community. For over 25 years, GBC has been offering elegantly designed private offices, catering to the diverse needs of its members, which include established businesses, entrepreneurs, small to medium-sized firms, public and private companies. Alongside the latest technology, GBC provides a host of other amenities including a beautiful lounge area, a welcoming reception area, and a quiet library room, several meeting rooms, ensuring members have everything they need to thrive, including bike lockers and showers for the avid riders! Some of these great amenities are also available in the various virtual packages GBC offers.

As downtown Vancouver continues to grow and progress, Reyhaneh expects “GBC to evolve and become home to many new and expanding businesses,” she says. In fact, one of the highlights of her tenure at GBC has been fostering connections within the business centre community. “We enjoy hosting social events like wine and cheese gatherings a few times a year, inviting both past and present members to network and connect face-to-face,” she shares. Looking forward, Reyhaneh hopes to expand these events, welcoming even more members of Vancouver’s business community to participate and engage. “We are in an era of change in how people work, and where they work. There are always growing pains in every business, so offering solutions is part of our journey, and I’m excited to see what the future holds for us in Vancouver.”

You can visit Guinness Business Centre on the 3rd floor of 1055 W Hastings St, or find out more information on their website.