Tourism Challenge

Are you ready to discover Downtown Vancouver and receive two stamps? It’s easy. Choose one of two challenges to get your stamps.

Challenge 1 – Ackery’s Alley

Who doesn’t know Vancouver’s iconic Orpheum Theatre, right? But did you know that the real treasure is hidden behind this building? It’s called Ackery’s Alley, and it is the Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association’s latest transformed laneway.

Step 1. Explore the interactive aspects of this laneway and take a picture of yourself in the alley.

Step 2. Post it on a social media channel of your choice (Facebook or Instagram) and use the hashtag #ackerysalley. Then tag the business you plan to visit to get your two stamps (below is a list of where you can collect them from).

Challenge 2 – Alley Oop

Have you heard about the Pink Alley? It’s one of the most instagramable areas of downtown Vancouver. It’s definitely a pink alley, but do you know its real name? Here are the steps for challenge #2:

Step 1. Head towards 439 Seymour Street (between Granville and Seymour St.).

Step 2. Look for the real name of the alley (hint: it’s somewhere on the wall). Write it down (or simply remember it) and then visit one of our partners’ locations listed below. Tell them the secret word (the alley’s real name) and walk home with two stamps in your tourism challenge passport.

Where to collect your stamps:

Mink Chocolates

Social media tag:  

Location: 863 W. Hastings St, Vancouver, V6C 3N9

Business hours: Mon-Fri: 7.30am-6pm | Sat and Sun: 9.30am-5pm | Statutory Holidays: Closed

Website: www.minkchocolates.com

Quantum Coffee

Social media tag:  

Location: 455 Granville St, Vancouver, V6C 1T1

Business hours: Mon-Fri: 7.00am-7.00pm | Sat and Sun: 8.00am-7.00pm | Statutory Holidays: Times may vary

Website: www.quantumcoffee.io


Social media tag: 

Location: 1055 W. Hastings St, Vancouver, V6E 2E9

Business hours: Mon-Wed: 11.30am-10.00pm | Thru-Fri: 11.30am-11.00pm | Sat: 11.00 am-11.00pm | Sun: 11.00 am-10.00pm | Statutory Holidays: Times may vary

Website: www.chewies.ca

We hope you have fun! Thank you for participating in the 2019 Tourism Challenge. For more information visit: www.tourismchallenge.ca

Challenge 1 – Ackery’s Alley 

Challenge 2 – Alley Oop