Pete’s parents immigrated to Canada from Australia in the early 1970s and found themselves a permanent home in Vancouver.

“I’m proudly born and raised here in Vancouver, B.C. and have lived here my whole life,” says Pete. He has since been working in the downtown core for over twelve years.

“We first leased our current space down by the Vancouver Convention Centre (VCC) in late 2010, and it took us about six months to build,” he explains. Mahony’s Tavern officially opened in March 2011—since then, the space has undergone a complete renovation that brought new life into the restaurant. “With our location at the VCC, the space lends itself well to our diverse clientele. It also works perfectly for locals and tourists alike—it’s a fun and dynamic atmosphere that offers a real snapshot of what Vancouver living can be,” says Pete.

Mahony’s Tavern, formerly named “Mahony & Sons,” was started by Pete’s family in 2006 and branded initially as an Irish pub offering a laid-back West Coast experience. “We pride ourselves on being a place where visitors and locals alike can come together in the art of casual consumption to enjoy classic fare and beverages from B.C. and beyond,” says Pete. In 2020, the business rebranded to Mahony’s Tavern, better reflecting its long history as a cornerstone of the Vancouver hospitality scene. “It’s been a privilege and honour to represent a local Vancouver brand with our family name,” he says. “It adds a layer of authenticity to what we do, and guests get a kick out of seeing my brother Gerard and I, two actual Mahony’s, working in the building!”

With sports enthusiasts being a massive part of Mahony’s key audience, Pete looks forward to Vancouver hosting large-scale events like the 2026 FIFA World Cup and the 2024 Grey Cup Final. “I’m just finishing six years on the Destination Vancouver Board of Directors, and it’s been an invaluable experience that has given me a lot of intel on some unique and exciting initiatives in the city,” explains Pete. “Every summer, this city is setting records for the number of tourists that come to town.” Mahony’s also caters to locals and smaller-scale sporting events like Canucks games, NFL Sundays, or golf tournaments. “Our restaurant has a great atmosphere for live sports with big screens, the volume on, and game-day eats,” he says.

Credit: Jonathan Thompson Photography

Pete says that working in downtown Vancouver, the centre of the business district and tourist corridor, has been a highlight of running his business thus far. “It’s gratifying to see both local Vancouverites and tourists supporting the business,” says Pete.

“No two days are ever the same downtown. Whether there’s a big sporting event, concert, or just a sunny day along the waterfront, there’s always something to do around here.”

You can visit Mahony’s Tavern in person at 1055 Canada Place or online.