Sisters Deanne and Delaney Schweitzer grew up in Kamloops, British Columbia, and eventually made their way to Vancouver, where they found themselves a part of the founding team and, in time, the executive team at Lululemon. After their years at Lulu, Deanne and Delaney decided to channel their passion for fitness into their own business. In 2017, the sisters opened TurF Kitsilano where they created a dedicated and welcoming community and incorporated everything that they love: healthy food, thoughtful apparel, a conscious sweat, and the best coffee. With the success of their first business, Deanne and Delaney decided to open a second location in the downtown catchment at 1281 West Georgia Street in 2020.

TurF is a fitness studio, shop, kitchen, and coffee bar that brings together the essentials to live a life that’s enormous. “Our concept is perfect for downtown!” exclaims Deanne. Delaney and Deanne’s busy schedules were the inspiration for the concept behind TurF. “When Delaney and I were busy executives at Lululemon, we looked for spaces where we could get a great workout, shower, have great coffee, and eat a healthy breakfast all in one,” says Deanne. The sisters refer to TurF as an “inclusive club” where everyone belongs. “You can join in anytime, and you are guaranteed to meet some new people,” she says.

Being in both the fitness and restaurant industry, TurF felt the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. When the pandemic hit, Deanne and Delaney quickly transitioned their workout studios to a digital platform where customers could experience TurF classes at home. The platform had immediate success, and made the sisters realize that online at-home workouts would be something they would continue to offer post-pandemic. During BC’s lockdown, TurF offered delivery and takeout from their bistro and improved their Shopify platform so that their online shopping experience was seamless. “We also knew we had a solid fan club for our ‘Everyday Cookie’ and have expanded distribution of this product to local grocery stores,” says Deanne. TurF took advantage of any government funding necessary to keep their business running. “We are very grateful as we are excited to still be here when this is all over,” she says. 2020 had eliminated many opportunities for the sisters to get to know their downtown community; however, they remain hopeful and look forward to meeting a lot more downtown neighbours this year.

Seeing how many new friendships have been created, hearing stories of how TurF has changed lives, and creating a great place for people to network and expand career paths have been highlights of running TurF’s downtown location thus far. In the months ahead, Deanne and Delaney look forward to “creating an incredible TurF community as we did in Kitsilano,” says Deanne. Catering healthy lunches to downtown offices nearby, having studios filled with people, and serving coffee and smoothies to customers as they quickly run out the door to get to work are just some of the things the sisters are looking forward to experiencing again in the near future.

TurF is the perfect place to work out, hangout, and takeout. Find them in-person at 1281 West Georgia Street or online.

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