Alex Ragoussis is a coffee and food enthusiast who is also passionate about cars.

“I am a chef turned barista turned entrepreneur, having opened food trucks, restaurants, and coffee shops in Montreal where I was born and raised,” he says. After regularly visiting Vancouver over the last ten years, Alex decided to make the move permanent and is now a YVR resident of one year.

New to the city, Alex and business partner, Filip, are only four months into launching their new Downtown Vancouver coffee shop. “The downtown core is a new environment for me that I am getting to know and having the awesome opportunity to explore,” he explains. CafeClub’s concept was born during the pandemic when Alex and Filip saw society shift to living and working more online – zoom calls, work from home, and quick convenience. “The root of our business model comes from the impact that the pandemic had on society – we tried to find what might be the positive outcomes that will surface from it,” Alex says.

It may look like a traditional coffee joint on the outside, but CafeClub is Downtown Vancouver’s first-ever fully digital coffee shop. “Our coffee shop is about catering to people who are ‘on-the-go,’ and that don’t have time to waste waiting in line,” says Alex. “That’s why opening up shop on the corner of Georgia and Burrard was a must for us – we are here for the people of Downtown Van.” Customers can order ahead using the website or CafeClub App and choose from a variety of specialty coffee, drinks, lunches, and delicious pastries. After placing an order there is no need to wait in line – customers can expect a pleasant and quick pick-up experience. “This allows us to offer efficiency, service, quality, and culture, on a level of innovation that’s unprecedented and unique in the area,” says Alex.

Both Alex and Filip agree, the highlight of running their business thus far has been the people. “It really feels like there is a community built around the downtown area and the neighborhood feels like a second home for everyone. We have had the pleasure to meet so many new people and we truly look forward to meeting many more,” he says. When asked about what Alex is looking forward to regarding the future of CafeClub, he says “being able to see more and more people adopt online ordering as their go to ordering method.”

You can visit CafeClub first online and then in-person at 1018 W Georgia Street.