Prophecy is Vancouver’s newest place to sip and celebrate in vibrant style.

Prophecy, the latest venture from At Home Hospitality, renowned for iconic venues like Banter Room and Living Room at Hotel Belmont, officially opened its doors on May 22nd.

Led by a dynamic trio of operating partners – Justin Mensah-Coker, Mike Rose, and Teddy Wilkie, Prophecy promises to deliver “exceptional experiences and unpretentious hospitality” in the city.

At the heart of Prophecy lies its meticulously crafted cocktail program, curated by their renowned Beverage Director, Jeff Savage. With a prestigious background including accolades such as Canada’s Bartender of the Year in 2020, Savage is celebrated for his innovative approach and wondrous creations. Working in collaboration with him is Bar Manager Nicole Cote who brings a wealth of experience from Vancouver hospitality institutions such as AnnaLena and Published on Main.

Designed by the acclaimed Ste. Marie Studio, Prophecy’s interior is described by the team to “seamlessly blends classic sophistication with modern allure” while playing homage to the legacy of the Rosewood Hotel Georgia. Prophecy is also the first establishment in Canada to partner with Apollo – a pioneer in progressive art technology. Guests will have the chance to enjoy an ever-evolving showcase of inspiring digital artwork. However, the experience doesn’t stop there as they are also set to launch a live music program, featuring live jazz performances during the week and DJs during late night hours, further enriching the venue’s vibrancy.

With its commitment to exceptional hospitality, innovative cocktails and a vibrance ambiance, Prophecy is poised to become a cornerstone of downtown Vancouver’s culinary scene.

Prophecy is located within the Rosewood Hotel Georgia at 801 W Georgia St. Follow their journey on Instagram.

Photo Credits: Maggie Lam of SMC Communications and Johnathon Thompson Photography