The term ‘placemaking’ has become a common phrase in the world of urban planning and design. Although many people have different perspectives on how the term relates to people and the spaces they inhabit, everyone agrees it is an important aspect of public space and public life. The Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association defines placemaking as “a people centered approach to improving outdoor public spaces”.

The spaces that we focus our placemaking efforts on are both destinations and thoroughfares.

Destinations are the plazas you specifically go to for lunch breaks, the parks you take your children to play in and the laneways you visit to take the perfect selfie. We make these plazas, parks and laneways destinations by creating comfortable spaces where these is something to see, do or listen to.

Thoroughfares are the routes you use to get to and from work/home/school or to these destinations. Placemaking in these thoroughfares are subtle, the things that make your walk/ride more enjoyable without you realizing it such as eye catching street banners, interactive lighting or a place to sit for respite.

The process is centered around people therefore involves a high level of stakeholder engagement and space measurement to ensure placemaking initiatives deliver the wants and needs of the community. Successful placemaking transforms spaces into areas where all walks of life can come together to engage and be part of the community.

Placemaking Projects