Our placemaking projects aim to enhance, animate, and bring life to downtown’s public realm, from streets and laneways to parks and plazas.

Placemaking is both a process and an outcome that works to strengthen the connection between people and the places they share. The DVBIA defines placemaking as a people-centred approach to improving outdoor public spaces. We strive to make downtown a more welcoming, inclusive, and attractive destination for all to enjoy.

Our public space improvements can range from temporary activations to permanent installations and public art. We work with a variety of stakeholders and local partners to implement projects, including local artists, community organizations, private property owners, and the City of Vancouver, just to name a few. Successful placemaking transforms spaces into areas where people of all ages and abilities can come together and be part of the community.



Our placemaking and public space projects range in complexity and scale but can generally fit within the following five project categories

Streetscape Beautification

Activations, Pop-ups, and Programming

Art Installations and Urban Enhancements


Placemaking Advocacy
and Knowledge Sharing

Placemaking Projects


our partners

Placemaking is about connecting with others and bringing people together; to do what we do, we rely on a diverse network of local partners and collaborators. The following represents just a few of our partners who contribute their time, resources, talent, ideas, and funds to help bring our placemaking and public space projects to life. We appreciate all of our partners and are always looking to connect with people or organizations who would like to help us enhance downtown Vancouver’s public realm.