What will Granville Street look like in the future?

Granville Street Reimagining is the beginning of Downtown Van’s focus on envisioning the future of Granville Street as an exciting place to live, work, and visit. Developed in collaboration with the local business community, the report sets out recommendations to help Granville Street adapt and thrive as a vibrant main street that will build a strong creative ecosystem and create a diverse and resilient local economy now and for the future.


The Granville Culture and Entertainment District, and the Granville Street corridor at large, is the city’s cultural heart, with the highest concentration of cultural venues in British Columbia, and will develop into a coherent and complete main street, connected to surrounding neighbourhoods and in balance with its different uses and heritage. It will welcome more festivals, including Downtown’s Urban Street Festival, become a dining destination and Vancouver’s first restaurant row, embrace community-building and placemaking, and attract growing innovative and creative companies –  to look forward to a cosmopolitan future and a 24-hour economy. All year round, day or night, residents and visitors will enjoy unique shows, discover creative public displays, and take pride in the local festivities. The district will be once again Vancouver’s gathering place and destination for culture and events, a street of belonging and celebration for all.


Download the Granville Street Reimagining Report here.