Ikoi Mochi Donuts are not your ordinary donut.

A fusion between traditional American donuts and Japanese mochi, these cute looking donuts have a sticky addictiveness with each bite and a unique stretchy texture that cannot be found in a normal donut. To achieve this unique texture, they use wheat flour to make eight small balls that gives the mochi donuts their iconic shape.

Ikoi Mochi Donut opened their business downtown because it was simply the obvious choice. By setting up shop at the centre of a bustling and vibrant community, they hope to be able to reach as many people as possible. Having a location at the heart of Vancouver, their store becomes a spot for people to relax and enjoy their time downtown with friends and family by bonding over delicious donuts and refreshing drinks.

While there are other donut stores that are equally worthy of your time to visit, Ikoi strives to bring a unique experience. Each week, they rotate six flavours to keep things new. Furthermore, they plan on expanding their list of flavours in the future, so keep your eyes peeled!

Visit Ikoi Mochi Donut online or in-person at 386 Robson Street.