Shape the future of Vancouver by casting your nominations in Downtown Van’s 33rd Appreciation Awards. Since 1992, this tradition has honoured over 150 individuals and organizations shaping downtown’s success. Join us in recognizing excellence across five categories at our September 2024 ceremony:

  1. Individual Award
  2. Outstanding Organization
  3. Emerging Leader
  4. Sustainability Award
  5. Charles Gauthier Lifetime Achievement Award

Why Your Nomination Matters

Winners will receive an accolade at our Annual General Meeting and will be featured prominently in Downtown Van’s annual newsletter, distributed to 8,000 businesses. This recognition offers a platform for winners to share their achievements with the broader community and connect with like-minded individuals and organizations.

How to Participate

To support deserving candidates, vote and provide a compelling reason. Nominations must include thoughtful justifications to be considered. Following public voting, our senior leadership team will review all nominees. A shortlist of outstanding candidates will then be presented to the Appreciation Awards Task Force, consisting of industry experts from downtown businesses in tech, tourism, property, and retail.


Submit your nomination for any of the five categories listed below. Make sure you provide a compelling reason for each nomination.


This award celebrates individuals with strong ties to downtown Vancouver who make meaningful and positive contributions, significantly impacting the downtown core. It recognizes their exceptional achievements and commitment to fostering a vibrant and thriving community. Previous winners include Joseph Segal, Ian Gillespie, Bonnis Brothers, Darren Entwistle, Robert Lee, and Sarah Kirby-Yung.


The Emerging Leader award spotlights rising individuals and organizations who exhibit exceptional promise and a burgeoning impact on the downtown core. This accolade is designed to celebrate those who, in the early stages of their journey, already contribute significantly to the betterment of the downtown community. Previous winners include Public Disco, LOCO BC, CityHive, VanCity Buzz, Façade Fest, and Flavours of Hope.


This award is dedicated to recognizing and celebrating organizations deeply ingrained in downtown Vancouver, contributing in significant and positive ways to the downtown core. It honours entities whose unwavering commitment and efforts result in meaningful transformations within the downtown community, creating a more vibrant, thriving, and interconnected environment for residents, businesses, and visitors alike. Previous winners include SFU Downtown, Oxford Properties, Vancouver Mural Fest, JazzFest/Coastal Jazz and Blues Society, and Destination Vancouver.


The Sustainability Award celebrates individuals or organizations in downtown Vancouver who demonstrate extraordinary commitment and effectiveness in advancing sustainability initiatives. Recognizing the vital role sustainability plays in shaping the future of the downtown core, this award celebrates those who exhibit exceptional strength in integrating eco-friendly practices into their work or life. Previous winners include SMAK Healthy Fast Food, Hives for Humanity, Binners’ Project, and HUB Cycling.


The Charles Gauthier Lifetime Achievement Award pays tribute to individuals or organizations in Vancouver that have left an indelible mark on the city, embodying a legacy of profound and lasting positive impact. Named after Downtown Van’s esteemed president and CEO, Charles Gauthier, this award recognizes a lifetime of extraordinary contributions that have shaped the broader landscape of Vancouver. Previous winners include Arthur Erickson, the late Bing Thom, Brandt Louie, Jimmy Pattison, Rick Antonson, and Carol Lee.