The DVBIA’s Plans and Milestones

Downtown Vancouver is where everyone is welcome and wants to be – that’s the Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association’s new vision (2017-2022). Our association’s mission is to champion an unmatched urban experience. To make this mission a reality, by 2022 downtown will be/will provide:

1. An Enhanced Experience
2. More Liveable
3. More Vibrant Economy
4. Sustainable

Creating a Legacy of Community Downtown

If cities had heartbeats, Vancouver’s would be beating in its vibrant downtown core. World-renowned for its beauty, accessibility, and livability, Downtown Vancouver is unparalleled when it comes to providing a friendly and inviting environment for residents and visitors alike.

While the city has always enjoyed a reputation as a fun and safe destination, it was not until the world spotlight shone on Vancouver during Expo ’86 that downtown’s pulse really began to accelerate. The international event introduced Vancouver as a world-class city and set the stage for an unprecedented boom in development and population growth. Almost 75,000 people now live in the downtown core and just under 9 million people now visit the city each year. Thousands of businesses have been established or expanded to service this thriving community.

Over the past two decades in the legacy left by Expo, many have worked hard to ensure that the city centre reaps the benefits of growth, and addresses the challenges that come with it. And the eyes of the world were once again on downtown Vancouver as it claimed the self-imposed title of ‘centre ice’ during the 2010 Winter Games.

DVBIA has been instrumental in improving the quality of life in Vancouver’s city centre, by advocating on behalf of its member businesses, as well as residents and visitors. In addition to acting as the principal resource to policymakers, businesses, media, residents and visitors for information about downtown, the DVBIA has taken a leadership role in establishing programs to address crime prevention, cleanliness, beautification, sustainability, and promotion of downtown as a destination.