This research library contains the DVBIA’s annual State of Downtown Reports, visioning documents, and data summaries related to downtown. The reports contain information collected by the DVBIA, such as pedestrian counts and business inventories. Other information is kindly shared by partner organizations which help keep the downtown community informed.

Downtown economy recovery tracker

Since BC’s initial stay-at-home orders in 2020, over 80 downtown street-level businesses have permanently closed and over 40 new businesses have opened.

State of downtown 2020

The 2020 edition highlights the impacts of COVID-19, the response by various sectors and levels of government and provides recommendations for downtown’s economic recovery.

Downtown Vancouver Visitation Data

The DVBIA, in partnership with Environics Analytics,’ has released its latest findings that examine the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on downtown Vancouver.

Granville Street Reimagining

Granville Street Reimagining is the beginning of DVBIA’s focus on envisioning the future of Granville Street as an exciting place to live, work, and visit.

State of Downtown 2019

The State of Downtown examines the people, places and businesses that contribute to downtown’s economy and vibrancy.

State of Downtown 2018

The State of Downtown is an annual report that provides an overview of the people, places and businesses that contribute to downtown Vancouver’s economy and vibrancy.

Then and Now: An Analysis of Downtown Retail Part 1

Downtown’s retail landscape has changed and continues to evolve. The DVBIA’s latest report quantifies and benchmarks retail within its catchment.

Then and Now: An Analysis of Downtown Retail Part 2

Food and beverage retail is an essential part of any downtown. The mix of restaurants, lunch spots, coffee shops and bars collectively curates a cultural experience that defines the area.

Downtown Neighbourhood Profile (Bizmap)

Downtown Vancouver BIA is Vancouver’s largest BIA, with more than 7,000 businesses and a residential catchment area of almost 110,000 people.

Championing the Vision: 3 Years into Reimagine

In 2015, the Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association and SFU Public Square collaborated on a community engagement process called Re-Imagine Downtown Vancouver.

Reimagine Downtown Vancouver (2015)

11,000 Dreamers ‘Re-Imagined’ Downtown Vancouver as a Rain-proofed, Affordable Home for all in 2040.

Issued Building Permits (2017-18)

Downtown will experience significant growth over the next four years. 5 million square feet of office space will be added as the next development cycle begins.

Case Study: Perch Program

With a limited amount of public or park space in downtown Vancouver, the DVBIA created the Perch Program, which provides increased opportunities for the public to socialize, engage, or relax and enjoy their lunch.

Case Study: Leveraging Laneways

To mark the DVBIA’s 25th anniversary in 2015, we conducted a large-scale public engagement process called Re-Imagine Downtown Vancouver.

Breaking Bread Participants

Breaking Bread connects you to small businesses that are fighting the impacts of COVID-19 and keeping our communities fed.