Virtual Gallery of Downtown’s Temporary Murals

Brightening boarded-up downtown Vancouver, the DVBIA partnered with Vancouver Mural Festival to help bring hope and positivity to our streets.

Over 20 temporary murals were painted throughout downtown Vancouver to help cheer up the downtown retail front and support local artists amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Through a partnership with the City of Vancouver, Goodbye Graffiti, Vancouver Mural Festival, and Vancity Bank, the DVBIA supported the artist honorarium and organization of locations with permission from businesses to paint on their storefronts. Select murals will be stored and considered for temporary re-installation in other Downtown public spaces. 

The artists would like to extend their thanks to Vancouver Mural Festival’s curator Drew Young and mural production manager Britany Lawrence for their on-site support. 

Downtown properties: help add vibrant art to our city for everyone to enjoy. If you are interested in considering donating your building’s wall for a mural, please contact Winki Tam, Public Spaces & Placemaking Lead. 

Inquiries: winki@dtvan.ca

Champs – Oksana Gaidacheva

“I’d like to give a shout out to Paula, Devon, Jess, and Julia. No last names, they know who they are! Of course the VMF team for all the paint, money, storage and bathroom options.”

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Chopard – Kari Kristensen

“Love Travels Far is my latest mural dedicated to those who can’t be together. It’s a reminder that your love travels wherever your people are, even if you can’t be with them right now. I am a printmaker, and when painting a mural, I feel they are a continuation of my practice because I try to translate my print aesthetic into the paint.”

Kari Kristensen is a contemporary Canadian printmaker living in Vancouver, BC. She seeks to re-imagine the Canadian Landscape tradition.

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Colony – Will Phillips

“I wanted to use this opportunity to express gratitude for the front-line healthcare workers. WWII era propaganda art inspired me, and I felt it best captures the essence of solidarity and bravery.”

Will is a Vancouver-based illustrator working in both digital and traditional mediums.

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Cinema Public House & Granville Room – Jamie Bizness

“Art is everywhere and on everything. My piece represents nature repairing itself.”

Jamie is an east van artist/tattooist.

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Panerai – Mark Illing

“I attempted to create a mural that felt relevant to these new circumstances we find ourselves in. This artwork represents all messages of love that are being sent from a distance while we remain physically separated from each other.”

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Obsessions – Priscilla Yu

“I wanted my mural, “Bloom Inward”, to be a reminder of all of their personal resilience. A special thank you to Mark Kenna, the manager at Obsessions, for being so accommodating during the week of the installation and my friend Ciele Beau for filming my process.” 

Priscilla Yu is a Vancouver-based artist, muralist, and pattern designer. 

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Rolex – Carmen Chan

“Cherry blossoms are a sign of spring, and that warmer and brighter days are ahead. The quote which inspired this mural was, “Where flowers bloom, so does hope!” (Quote by Lady Bird Johnson). I hope to remind Vancouver of the beauty that exists in our city and to explore the ‘outside world’ inside the world of art.”

Carmen Chan is a Vancouver visual artist specializing in Chinese brush painting, watercolour painting workshops and murals!

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Room in Order – Aimee Young

“This piece is about bright, warm feelings. When I close my eyes and think about comforting sensations, it looks a something like this. Working on this piece was a respite for me from worry and uncertainty of the current times and a hint at the better things to come.”

Aimee Young is an Australian Illustrator, Designer and Artist living and working in Vancouver.

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Sala Thai – Nick Gregson

“There might be boarded up businesses, but there is lots of life on Burrard street! Front-line workers, fire, ambulance and police are taking care of our city. Artists can play a small part by writing in big letters; thank you.”

Nick Gregson is a mural painter from East Vancouver.

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Urban Outfitters – Andrew Tavukciyan

“My thought process behind this mural was trying to find a way to represent the idea of resilience, adapting to your circumstances, and staying connected while being apart. The panels tell a narrative from left to right.”

Andrew Tavukciyan is a visual artist and graduate of Emily Carr University of Art + Design’s industrial design program, currently focusing on mural work.

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Versace – Frazer Adams

“The only real outcome of worrying is stress and anxiety. I painted this mural as a reminder to consciously fight the habit – we’ll get through this, DON’T WORRY!”

Frazer is a Vancouver-based artist, typographer, illustrator, novice music producer, and cocktail enthusiast.

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Coach- Carrie Lynn Victor

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De Beers – Cody Swinkels

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Footlocker – Siloh

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Heirs Pears – Alex Fowkes

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Lids – Jnasty

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Oliver Peoples – Saje

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Swimco – Michael Bock

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Venue – iHeart

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Lulemon – NAKS

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H&M – Various Artists

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