Clean Team Ambassadors are on the streets of Downtown Vancouver 7-days a week, helping to uphold the DVBIA’s mission statement that downtown is a clean, safe and fun place to be.

Downtown Vancouver is a thriving hub of business, tourism and cultural events, and maintaining its cleanliness makes it a welcoming place for everyone. Clean Ambassadors are on the front lines of cleanliness, responsible for basic street cleaning, identifying cleanliness issues, and assisting visitors by giving basic directions.

Basic Duties

Some of the clean team duties include:
• Performing micro-cleaning services on sidewalks and in other public spaces
• Reporting cleanliness and graffiti issues to the appropriate organizations
• Collecting and reporting discarded needles found on the downtown streets
• Pressure washing public sidewalks and public spaces
• Snow removal and salting during required seasons
• Provide customer service to visitors, business people, merchants and residents of downtown

Clean Team Engagement 2018-19