Our Clean & Safe Partners

GreenGo – Power washing

The City has requested the BIA’s support through power washing as this is not a service sanitation staff currently provide. The DVBIA currently budgets $40,000 for power washing across downtown per annum.

Goodbye Graffiti

Currently Goodbye Graffiti Vancouver removes graffiti from almost 3,000 individual locations as part of Goodbye Graffiti Vancouver’s “Ever-Clean” program on a weekly basis. The DVBIA contracts Goodbye Graffiti to conduct regular patrols and remove any graffiti in Alley Oop and Ackery’s Alley as part of their laneway maintenance.

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Good Night Out – Street Team Program

Good Night Out offers a proactive approach to help increase the sense of safety for all patrons of the Granville Entertainment District. The Nightlife Stream Team work in pairs and closely with the VPD, venue security and licensed venues to mitigate and proactively address risks to women and the LGBTQ2 community in the late evening and early morning.

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