COVID-19 Economic Impact
& Recovery Snapshot

Since BC entered Phase 3 of its Restart Plan, the DVBIA has been tracking the impacts of the pandemic and downtown’s gradual economic recovery. 

As of October 26th, there were 2,325 active cases of COVID-19 in the province. BC’s consumer price index in September was 0.4 per cent higher (unadjusted) than September 2019. The cost of food rose 1.4 per cent and BC consumers paid more for health and personal care (+3.1 per cent) and meals purchased from restaurants (+2.0 per cent), while the cost of clothing decreased (-4.9 per cent). Metro Vancouver’s unemployment rate dropped, meanwhile downtown office and hotel occupancy rates remained low, pedestrian traffic remained less than half of what is was for the same period last year, and street-level businesses continued to permanently close.

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