After a brief pause, the Vancouver Tourism Awards are back!

After a pause in the Vancouver Tourism Awards (VTA) nominations and celebrations, we are thrilled to announce the return of VTA.

April 2022 kicks off the year of recognizing amazing experiences delivered by the tourism professionals located in the Vancouver area.

Encouraging guests to nominate our amazing tourism professionals, while also recognizing your team members are two ways to contribute to their success in the industry.

To submit nominations, physical ballots are available throughout the city, or online at www.vancouvertourismawards.com/nominate – VTA also encourages you to share specific guest accolades with them directly using the online form.

They have also heard of so many teams who promote VTA when they hear of amazing experiences, whether they are including VTA’s nomination link in their email, a mention of the program in their workplace signatures, or directly on their website.

Moving forward into 2022, the team at VTA is looking forward to what lies ahead!

Looking to support or sponsor the Vancouver Tourism Awards?
Contact VTA at info@vancouvertourismawards.com to learn about the benefits and perks of sitting on the board.

Looking for nomination ballots?

Contact VTA at info@vancouvertourismawards.com to receive some ballots for the upcoming season.