Artist and Art Therapist, Taisha Teal, is unveiling her first solo exhibit in the Art @ Bentall Gallery.

‘On Cloud 9’ takes the viewer on a personal journey of the artist’s creative process, a meditative state she describes as being in a dimension of pure bliss. A place where magic happens, a feeling of being on cloud 9.

The exhibit showcases a brand new medium of combining alcohol ink and resin. Using resin is a labor of love and requires precision along with the right timing. What emerges after sealing the resin with fire results in glass-like colours that deepen blues as vast as the ocean and imitates inviting forest greens.

The collection pulls inspiration from the artist’s travels and the abstract art form provided an escape from the realities of the world during a pandemic.

Each artwork conveys a message of love, peace, beauty and acceptance. ‘Naked Line Ladies’ is a collection that celebrates the body positivity movement and ‘Spray Painted Hearts’ depicts infinite love and strength.

In addition to her upcoming exhibit, Taisha will be showcasing her art in Art Vancouver Western Canada’s largest art fair. This event features local and international artists and galleries from all over the world.

On Cloud 9 by Taisha Teal

Opening Reception: Mar. 3rd 5pm – 8pm

Solo Exhibition: Mar. 1 – 31, 2022, Mon. to Fri. 10am – 5pm

Bentall Centre: 595 Burrard St, Suite 305, Underground Mall

About the Artist

Taisha developed an aptitude for art at a young age. Born and raised in West Vancouver, her art-enriched household allowed for playtime to include every type of artistic medium. This contributed to developing a rich tool kit that Taisha continues to experiment with and add to.

As a certified Art Therapist, Taisha strives to create a safe space for her clients where they can improve their mental, emotional and physical health. Taisha’s mission is to help individuals reach their goals through art creation, self-reflection, positive empowerment, and healthy behaviours.