GRANVILLE SPOTLIGHT: La Loteria Mexican Street Food

This month we’re highlighting La Loteria Mexican Street Food as our Granville Spotlight.

La Loteria owner, Yonathan Delgado began working in the restaurant industry while studying Hospitality and Tourism Management in 2009.

His studies in university led him to meet the then Food and Beverage Manager of the now-closed Empire Landmark Hotel. This industry connection sparked an interest in Yonathan that quickly turned into an ideation of his future business venture, La Loteria. After more than 10 years working in restaurants, Yonathan gained enough industry experience and knowledge to make his dream of being a business owner come true.

The newly opened restaurant is named after the famous Mexican bingo game, “La Loteria.” When a person wins said bingo-style game, they would yell “Loteria!” La Loteria Mexican Street Food is looking to commemorate the traditional game and use it to represent Mexican culture and identity. The Granville Street restaurant offers unique and authentic cuisine options like tamales, tacos, tostadas, and tortas. Their commitment to serving consistently fresh and great-tasting food shines through in their menu. “All of the products are homemade recipes that me and my staff worked very thoroughly to keep as affordable for our customers as possible while still offering the best ingredients and the highest quality,” says Yonathan. The menu consists of both exported and local products. “Since I was a kid, I remember having tortas, tacos, tamales, and tostadas every time we went out. With La Loteria, you can find those unique flavours that will transport you to the North of Mexico and delight your tastebuds, your belly, and your heart,” he says.

While you’re visiting, make sure to try the deep-fried pork belly, Chicharron. This can be eaten in their tacos, torta, or tostada. Their most-ordered items include the tacos and tamales that were inspired by Northern Mexican cuisine. “Our tacos are a similar version of “steam tacos” or “tacos de canasta” (sweaty tacos),” Yonathan says. The tortilla is heated up in hot oil to soften its yellow corn base as these tacos are quite heavier and larger than the average. They are then slathered in sour cream, topped with cabbage and feta cheese, and your choice of mild, medium, or spicy homemade salsa. Yonathan’s personal favourite menu item is the La Siberia Tostada. “A tostada is a deep-fried flat tortilla- almost like a big tortilla chip with toppings on it,” he says. La Siberia-style includes a bed of fresh guacamole, shredded chicken breast, and a scoop of sour cream garnished with pickled onion. “It is a very simple but delicious combination,” he explains.

Yonathan wanted to offer his services and products to as many people as possible, which is why he decided to open his restaurant on Granville Street. “Granville Street is one of the most iconic streets in Canada. Here we can cater to anyone!” he says. Frequented by office workers, construction people, and late-night Granville goers, La Loteria has something for everyone.

You can visit La Loteria online or in person at 1011 Granville Street.

Business Hours:

Sunday & Monday, 12pm – 7pm

Tuesday & Wednesday, 11am – 8pm

Thursday, 11am – 12am

Friday & Saturday 11am – 2am