Vancouver mural festival 2021

Take a look back at this year’s Vancouver Mural Festival in downtown Vancouver.

Four new murals transform downtown Vancouver as part of this year’s Vancouver Mural Festival.

In alignment with the DVBIA’s Granville Street Reimagining Report, murals on Granville Street will breathe new life into the historic entertainment district and pay homage to one of Vancouver’s most culturally significant streets.

One WorLd, One Hope – 40 Years Later

Artist: Joe Average, Location: 649 Helmcken

Curated in collaboration with the McLaren Housing Society, an organization providing housing to low-income individuals and families who are living with HIV and AIDS, mural artist Joe Average is an internationally renowned Vancouver artist, philanthropist, and AIDS awareness advocate who was recently appointed to the Order of British Columbia.

Artist Statement: This image was originally commissioned and designed in 1994 for the 11th international conference on AIDS held in Vancouver in 1996. The image was also used for Canada’s first postage stamp recognizing AIDS. What is expressed in this image with the stained glass effect/feeling is that we are all fragile in the face of AIDS but working together with love (the heart in the centre) is what we need to be victorious!

With special guests

Artist: Nada Hayek, Location: 800 Granville

Commissioned in partnership with Bonnis Properties.

Artist Statement: Your favourite band is coming to town and chances are they’ll be performing on Granville Street. Special Guests aim to capture the lively spirit of the concerts here and to showcase some of the impressive acts that walked this path. This mural has a scrapbook-collage feel where candid shots, polaroids and used ticket stubs litter the page. Just like a scrapbook from our youth, this mural acts as an homage and public declaration of Granville Street’s importance to Vancouver’s music scene. If you listen closely, you can almost hear someone saying, “Yeah, I was at that show in ’75.”

i thought you were someone else

Artists: Jarus & Marcelline Siu, Location: 1249 Granville

Curated in collaboration with the Lex building.

Artists Statement: In this merger of two dynamically different artists, both physical and digital mediums find each other in a collaborative effort to create a mural that demonstrates an understanding of the visual experience of a human figure in space. The combined artistic vision of Jarus and Marcelline, utilizes both of their strengths in a back and forth effort to display a mood and ambience inspired by the environments of Vancouver’s forests. The represented person surrounded by colour and nature serves as an avatar for the metabolism of the neighbourhood.

Marine blossom

Artist: Anais Lera, Location: 1021 West Hastings

Commissioned by Oxford Properties.

Artist Statement: Marine Blossom is the visual experience of a psychedelic journey into the abyss. Inspired by Art Nouveau’s principle of nature as ornament, wavy design from the hippy era, plus traditional Japanese nature paintings, the artist has woven these disparate influences together to create an imaginary ecosystem, meticulously painted. Here is a new world in a trance, designed from form, repetition and movement and layered with the flora and fauna of the natural world. The viewer is invited into a flow of reveries that can help us escape our industrial and consumerist reality.