Plastic Reduction Program by Ocean Wise

Are you a downtown Vancouver restaurant or foodservice business that wants to reduce unnecessary plastic waste?

Want to get ahead of proposed plastic bans and lower unnecessary costs? Become an Ocean Wise Plastic Reduction Partner!  

Through expert support and science-backed tools, the Plastic Reduction Program empowers the foodservice industry to tackle one of the greatest threats to our ocean – plastic pollution.

Did you know that that 83 percent of ocean plastic comes from monomaterial and multilayer films (e.g., cling wrap and condiment packets), plastic bags, plastic bottles, and single-use food ware?

As a program partner, businesses will receive access to:

  1. One-on-one support to help them measure their current plastic footprint.
  2. Identify opportunities to reduce, replace, refuse, reuse, or better recycle harmful and unnecessary plastics.
  3. Amplify their efforts through community-building and storytelling opportunities.

All with no cost to join.

Who is the program for?

Those who want to be part of the solution to plastic pollution.

Restaurateurs and business owners, who want to improve their plastic footprint and inspire others.

Chefs and restaurant staff, who want to become plastic reduction champions and reduce, reuse and recycle plastic.

Individuals, who want to learn more about reducing plastic pollution and how to support restaurants that are working to reduce their plastic waste.

Be the change you want to see. #BePlasticWise

Learn more at ocean.org/plastic-reduction or contact plastic.wise@ocean.org

About Ocean Wise

Ocean Wise is an independent charitable non-profit focused on tackling three major ocean challenges: overfishing, ocean pollution, and climate change. Already highly regarded for their sustainable seafood program that began in 2005, Ocean Wise has launched the Plastic Reduction Program as a new pillar of its Plastic Free Oceans initiative, which also includes extensive research on ocean plastic and microplastic pollution at the Ocean Wise Plastics Lab, the Plastic Wise Pledge, and The Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup.