TransLink Announces Burrard Station Upgrade

TransLink recently announced that it will be proceeding with a major upgrade to Burrard SkyTrain Station beginning in early 2022. 

The project will take approximately two years to complete and will require the closure of the station.

Credit: City of Vancouver

This will allow the work to be done safely and more efficiently than if it were to remain partially open during construction.

Burrard SkyTrain Station was originally built in 1985 and has not had a significant upgrade in its 36 years of operation. The upgrade will include a new exterior plaza area (the design is still in development), five new escalators and replacement of the existing five escalators, as well as two new larger elevators that will improve the accessibility of the station. To learn more, you can view this short video: Burrard Upgrade Video or visit the webpage. You can also follow @TransLinkNews on Twitter for useful TransLink information.

Several months before the actual closure, TransLink will provide surrounding businesses with any necessary information to share with their tenants, customers and partners. And throughout the duration of the project, they will continue to provide us with timely updates which we will share with you.

You can direct questions or comments to TransLink‚Äôs project team via email at burrardstationupgrade@translink.ca.