Downtown safety ambassador bike patrol program

The DVBIA’s Downtown Safety Ambassadors are on wheels as part of the Bike Patrol Program.

The DVBIA’s Community Safety team has introduced their new Bike Patrol Program, increasing the Safety Ambassador’s visibility and mobility downtown.

Historically, the Safety Ambassadors patrolled the downtown core on foot and when called to deal with an incident in one area of the catchment, they often found themselves on the opposite end. If called to an urgent situation, Ambassadors were not always able to reach the call in a timely manner when walking. The team also frequently deals with calls that require them to return to the same address more than once.

The introduction of Bike Patrols has allowed dedicated members of the team to respond to calls quicker, covering more ground. The patrols also help to increase the Safety Ambassador’s visibility in the downtown community as well as alleviate some of the physical strain the team faces from the long hours of walking. The Bike Patrol team will spend a significant portion of their time patrolling public spaces, parks, and parking lots.

In need of assistance? Call our Safety Ambassadors at 604-689-4357.

*All employees on bike patrol have completed a Bike Safety training course provided by the DVBIA.