REEF: Re-Imagining the Parking Lot

REEF’s vision is to completely transform what neighbourhoods, residents, and businesses in downtown Vancouver can expect from conventional parking real estate.

REEF Technology is the largest proximity operator in North America and they’re creating an ecosystem that’s changing the lives of locals and businesses alike.

While they have a major presence in the City of Vancouver in the form of parking operations (270 locations), due to their recent acquisition of Impark, REEF believe’s a parking lot should be more than a place to store your car. Imagine a hub for the community, connecting people to the businesses and services that keep us all moving forward. Ultimately, REEF’s vision is to completely transform what neighbourhoods, residents and businesses in downtown Vancouver can expect from conventional parking real estate. Together, through animating these often-overlooked spaces, we can leverage the power of proximity to keep our communities moving forward in a sustainable and thoughtful way.

While still managing parking lots, REEF is now looking at infrastructure for neighbourhood kitchens, healthcare clinics, charging infrastructure and battery storage, logistics and last-mile delivery, and even brick and mortar retail and experiential customer spaces. All of this can come to life on Vancouver’s existing parking structures and spaces. With the surge in the sharing and on-demand economy, REEF sees the potential to address some of Vancouver’s challenges related to extreme congestion and the ensuing pollution, high costs for businesses to expand, and residents’ growing need for quick delivery of goods and services.
REEF neighbourhood kitchens are the first step in their transformation to turn some of their parking sites into thriving hubs of activity. They believe this can also be a powerful tool for independent restaurants to expand their operations and grow their delivery business in a cost-conscious way. REEF wants to help and support local restaurants to expand reaching thousands of new customers and we do this by providing turn-key delivery solutions for the preparation, distribution, and expansion of food concepts.

As REEF begins to reimagine parking lots in the City of Vancouver, they want to hear from you on what you think makes the most sense for your neighbourhood, residents, and businesses. Please feel free to reach out to Sophia Cote, Head of Public Affairs, Canada at REEF and a resident of Vancouver with your feedback at: Sophia.cote@reeftechnology.com

For more information on REEF’s vision, watch: More than a Lot video

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