This month we’re highlighting downtown’s, Cook Culture as our Member Spotlight.

Jed Grieve, owner of Cook Culture, has “always had a passion for cookware.”

Jed Grieve grew up in the retail industry, and began working in his family’s small housewares business in the early ’90s. Growing up close to Victoria BC, Jed saw the growing need for a dedicated gourmet kitchenware store. Jed and his wife, Regan started Cook Culture in Victoria in 2010, four years later bought “Cookworks,” and decided to take their business to Vancouver.
Jed has always had a passion for cookware. Over the years, Jed has sold most major brands, however, he came to realize that his industry creates a huge amount of waste, which is detrimental to the planet. In 2015, Jed made the decision to stop selling all non-stick coated cookware and to only carry cookware that is less damaging to the planet and that should last forever. If Canadians stop buying coated cookware, it could stop over 2 million pieces of cookware going into the landfill every year.

Cook Culture has grown into a market leader for selling cast iron and carbon steel cookware. The entire sales team at Cook Culture is passionate about helping people move away from non-stick cookware, and into lifetime cookware. This comes with great responsibility as the art of caring for and maintaining traditional cookware is not as simple as using a disposable non-stick pan. The sales team has developed an extensive video library on Youtube dedicated to the successful transition which teaches the simple methods to care for cast iron and carbon steel cookware.
Jed and Regan believe that being a retailer is a responsibility and an opportunity to make a difference. By stocking better quality products and not carrying others, they hope that their customers can trust their selection to make informed decisions that are good for them and the planet.    

Learn more about Cook Culture on their website, or visit their downtown Vancouver location on 377 Howe Street. Cook Culture is open Monday to Saturday from 10:00 AM to 5:30 PM.

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