A positive season, despite the odds, here’s a look back at summer programming in our Perches.

Each year, the DVBIA activates key locations as part of our “Perch” Program with various events and arts and cultural activations taking place from June to September.

This year’s goal was to respond to the changing needs of the public, by safely activating Lot 19 and Cathedral Square with COVID friendly events and features. With VCH approval, the DVBIA got the go ahead to proceed with COVID safe programming and seating.
The DVBIA also conducts an annual public space survey, and the focus this year was to obtain feedback on public spaces amidst COVID-19. From close to 250 responses in 4 locations, a key outcome showed us that almost 95% of folks felt that these were safe spaces to be during the pandemic.

The Perch program saw over 250 active hours, including the launch of the weekly live painting and Art Market, “Art Downtown” with Art Vancouver. Throughout the summer over 50 artists had their work on display to be safely enjoyed and purchased in Lot 19 and Cathedral Square. This generated close to $25,000 that went directly to our local artist and creative community.

Perch season also saw socially distanced dance lessons with Pop Queen Cardio, the return of Opera Opulenza and Hogan’s Alley Society Showcase. Notably, with the support of Creative BC under the Amplify BC program, the DVBIA was also able to support local musicians to perform with over 150 hours of live music in our perches. Over 20 artists were featured with a diverse array of genres including electric violin, classical music, steel drums, jazz, hip hop and more.

Together with Embers Eastside Works, a new stewardship program saw almost 400 hours of work invested in Cathedral Square, resulting in 1,137 needles collected and an increase in garbage and sanitization for the area. The continued upkeep and maintenance of this key location would not have been possible without the addition of this program with ESW.

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