We asked our members what they would like to see going forward regarding the future of the DVBIA’s online sessions.

Since early spring, the DVBIA has started producing online sessions. Slowly including this type of event into our portfolio was always the plan.

However, we didn’t anticipate that with a snap of our fingers, we would move from in-person meetings with great food and professional presenters to, “you are muted, Frank.” Yes, this phrase will be one of the best memories of 2020.

Since everything nowadays is taking place on a computer screen, we were curious to know what our members think about online events. Do they find them beneficial? How often do they want them? What day(s) of the week? We’ve had too many burning questions and wanted the answers. We sent out a survey to our members with 12 questions in early October. The survey stayed open for two weeks, and during this period, collected 67 responses.

We were glad to hear that 57% of responders attended one or more of our online webinars. 90% of responders find online events beneficial. The survey indicated that our members are interested in a combination of educational and networking events. To question: “How often would you like us to organize webinars?” 34% responded monthly. Preferable online event days are Wednesday, followed by Tuesday and Thursday. Lastly, the best time of the day to host an online session is the afternoon or morning.

Our members also indicated that they are most interested in topics related to the Future of Downtown, Economic Development and Community Safety.

Our members also provided several recommendations and suggestions for speakers they would like to see present at our online events, such as The Mayor of the City of Vancouver, City Councillors and COV Senior Managers.

It was not a surprise for us that the online session topics and speakers prompt them to register for the event.
According to the survey results, the top positive aspects of attending online events versus in-person events are no need for travel, timesaving, and access to the event recording online. On the other hand, virtual events come with some negatives. In the survey our members indicated that limited networking or not being able to network at all are some of the cons.

We take the survey results very seriously, and we will do our best to incorporate our members suggestions and recommendations into our online events planning.
Thank you to all who took the time to provide their feedback in the survey. One lucky survey participant won a $75 gift card to Pacific Centre. The gift card is on the way to your mailbox. Congratulations!