Permitting Update from City of Vancouver Development Services

To support businesses impacted by COVID-19, the City created the Temporary Expedited Patio Program on June 1 to allow outdoor patios on public and private property.

The uptake has been tremendous; In the ten weeks since introducing this opportunity, the City has issued over 360 temporary patio permits.

To make this happen, and allow business to take advantage of the summer weather, the City created a streamlined online application process with template patio drawings for businesses to use, and had a team of dedicated City staff to review applications as they came in. This meant businesses could receive their patio permit within two business days for public property and within five business days for private property.
City Council has also voted to extend this program into the winter, so stay tuned for more.
In addition to the single point of contact Business Communications and Support Office established at the City in recent months in effort to assist the business community, the Services Centre in Development Buildings and Licensing opened up their Phone Centre in July, and also implemented a chat tool to give their customers more options to get in touch with them.

They closed their doors to walk in customers in March in an effort to prevent the spread of COVID 19. While the doors of Services Centre remain closed, they are still open for business. They have staff available to help with general enquiries and scheduled appointments through their website, by phone, or email. Their staff continue to process and review applications to help ensure buildings and development can continue to operate, generate employment, and meet urgent housing and business needs. Inspections continue daily with enhanced safety precautions.

–> General enquiries: Phone 604-873-7611
–> Building and development and application enquiries: Email permitquestions@vancouver.ca 
–> For information about many of the services they provide, click here.

They have also created a survey tool for customers to provide them with feedback about their experience and how they can continue to improve how they deliver their services: find the survey, here.
More projects are lined up to further streamline the process, and the City of Vancouver will share updates and metrics with the DVBIA as they emerge. 

-Andrea Law, Director of Development Services, City of Vancouver