Milk containers will be included in BC’s refund system by February, 2022.

This is a huge win for binners in British Columbia.

Binners across the province have been waiting for this change for years. The inclusion of milk containers in the government’s Return-it program expands binners ability to increase their earnings. Milk containers are often lighter than those made of glass, therefore, binners will be able to carry more at one time. Landon Hoyt of Binners’ Project believes that there will be an estimated 78 per cent return rate on milk containers along with other refundables.

The Binners’ Project fosters social and economic inclusion, builds community resilience and stronger networks, and engages on sustainability issues. Through their programs, they empower binners as part of the circular economy– building a community from the bottom up.

The organization is a group of waste-pickers aided by support staff who are dedicated to improving their economic opportunities, and erasing the stigma they face as informal recyclable collectors.

According to the Binners’ Project, binners are among one of the most marginalized groups in urban areas. Their livelihoods stem from refunds received from used containers collected from bins.

Binners positively contribute to the environment by diverting a considerable amount of waste from landfills.

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