This month we’re highlighting our new member, M Moser Associates.  

M Moser Associates is a global architecture, design, strategy and delivery firm with more than 1,000 professionals networked across Asia, India, Europe, and the Americas.

Since 1981, M Moser Associates has helped transform organizations large and small as they’ve expanded locally and globally, providing solutions that meet the unique needs of their businesses and their people.

Today, work happens everywhere, and the purpose of the office and the role it serves for employees is evolving. They believe that now, more than ever, a company’s physical workplace is a critical resource for creation, socialization and culture building. At M Moser, they align the physical, social and digital elements of your workplace to create healthy, agile and resilient physical and virtual spaces where people can connect, collaborate and do their best work – wherever they may be.

As a firm, they have focused singularly on global workplace design for four decades. Through their experience, they have developed an approach that elevates the understanding of the workplace. They call this Behaviour-Based Design. This approach focuses on the user, their experience and how M Moser Associates can use design to impact people’s behaviour and performance. It is a fundamental shift in focus that places the value in people and affects all design decisions, yielding an outcome driven by users and the behaviours that enable their success.

Whether it’s through strategic thinking, project design, delivery or additional services like LEED and WELL Certification we offer throughout, their goal is to maximize the value they offer to their clients. M Moser provides an integrated model and flexible delivery methodology that is instrumental in meeting each unique client’s needs – and every project. They unite design, construction, project management and engineering as one cohesive team, with one common goal: your successful project completion.

In this time of unprecedented change, M Moser provides its clients with the experience and expertise to help navigate the path towards the workplace of the future.

To learn more about the M Moser Associates team and how they work with clients and industry partners in the Vancouver community to create dynamic, resilient, and human-centric environments please visit their website or contact Rhianon Chow at RhianonC@mmoser.com.

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