Street Banner Design Winners

Congratulations to our two winners, Gina Ortiz and Alice Bessol.

In follow up to the Call for Artwork the DVBIA opened earlier this year, the new designs have been selected for Granville and Hastings West. Congratulations to Gina Ortiz, who was the winner for Granville Street and Alice Bessol, whose design won for Hastings Street. Each street will be showcasing the new designs as of June 20th and will be on display for the next two years. 

West Hastings - Artist: Alice Bessol

Artist Statement

When designing the banners, I wanted to share the inspiration I was getting from the buildings on Hastings West Street. A mixture of old and new, which represents the authentic soul of the neighbourhood.

I created these banners with a sketch style to emphasize the architectural curves of the buildings. The sketch style with the bursts of colour shows the mix between old and new. The font is clean, simple, and modern.

Working on these banners allows me to show the richness of the Hastings West area and the perfect combination of cultural diversity and the open mindset.

Artist Bio

I am Alice Bessol, a French graphic designer. I have been living in Vancouver for almost two years. After studying at LISAA (Art school in Paris, France) and working for five years in sales management, I decided to be the person I have always wanted to be and became a graphic designer. For the past three years, I have focused on developing my skills to share my passion through my enthusiasm, creativity, and high energy. For me, being a graphic designer is the best way to reflect my values and lifestyle. I try to promote cultural diversity, open-mindset, and generosity. I hope people can feel that through my designs. Moving to Vancouver was a lifetime dream, just as working in a creative environment. I would love to be able to bring my French touch to Vancouver for a long time!

Granville St - Artist: Gina Ortiz

Artist Statement

I moved back to Vancouver in 2011, and Granville Street was the first area my family and I visited. My first impression remains with me to this day: The Art Deco style architecture hidden behind posters and billboards of current and past events. A mix of people walking up and down the street all day; locals, visitors, musicians, bike riders and many, many pigeons.

My submission captures the colours of Granville Street: its people and their stories, the sun-kissed afternoons, neon light evenings, and the always present pigeons.

Artist Bio

Gina’s work draws upon the magnification of beauty found in small things or events with a focus on texture and visual pattern. Gina lives in Vancouver, BC and works with gouache, crayons and mixed media on paper, combining collage and printmaking techniques. She is participating in the Printermedia Residency Program, an extension of Malaspina Printmakers, a 2-year research residency program, exploring the intersection of mixed media, collage and silkscreen printing. She studied Architecture at the Universidad de Monterrey in Mexico, where she grew up. After relocating to Vancouver in 2011, Gina studied illustration and screen printing at Emily Carr University of Art + Design.

The DVBIA received close to 150 submissions for our banner design contest. We want to thank all who submitted their artwork and took part in our contest to improve the beautification of downtown Vancouver.


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