Sustainability Feature: Coast Coal Harbour Vancouver

Coast Coal Harbour Vancouver Hotel is setting the mark for sustainability efforts in hospitality, here are some of the ways they practice and promote lighter living.

Sustainability is at the forefront of everyone’s agenda, and if it isn’t, it should be. Coast Coal Harbour Hotel is going above and beyond with some of their green initiatives. Here are just a few ways the hotel is dedicated to providing a greener way of business:

· They have a zero-waste program which is across all areas of the hotel (guest rooms, meeting, kitchen, and office spaces). This means they redirect all waste to be composted, reused or recycled, therefore not contributing to landfills.

· They use biodegradable take-out containers and take-out sauce cups, recyclable utensils and wooden chopsticks. They no longer use plastic bin liners, everything is collected, sorted, and the containers are washed at the end of each day.

· Their use of bulk amenities in guest rooms drastically reduces the use of plastics.

· Office/meeting stationary is 100% recycled post-consumer paper.

· Low flow taps and energy-efficient lightbulbs used throughout the hotel.

· Local and sustainable food is purchased where possible, including 80% of seafood from Vancouver based Oceanwise certification program.

· All new staff receive training and education on sustainability practices, and the hotel has a dedicated “Green Team” to establish new initiatives.


Congratulations Coat Coal Harbour Hotel on a greener way of working and living!