Member Spotlight: Iris

The team at IRIS Optometrist Opticians in downtown Vancouver have got you covered!

It is all about the experience!

Optician Manager Zari Poshtdar alongside Optometrist Sam Epstein, ensures that their patients benefit from and enjoy their vision care experience at IRIS. Located at 806 West Hastings Street, IRIS has been providing exceptional eyecare and vision correction options in downtown Vancouver for over 20 years.

What they provide:

  • Access to eye examinations, eye health information and care from an experienced Optometrist that works with your schedule.
  • Knowledgeable associates who ensure you understand your options for lenses based on your lifestyle because life requires different solutions to bring it all into focus.
  • Serving a downtown client base requires special consideration of time and access. Our appointment schedule is designed to accommodate busy clients.
  • Providing appointments for new eyewear pickup also ensures you can be in and out quickly.

Introducing IRIS Advantage Membership and Exclusive Offers to DTVBIA Members

As a member of the Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association, you and your employees have access to IRIS’s B2B program, IRIS Advantage eyecare benefits. By registering online and providing your membership number or business name, you receive exclusive offers to use towards your purchase of vision care products at IRIS.

The benefits cover a full suite of optical products from prescription sunglasses and eyeglasses, non-prescription sunglasses, contact lenses and more.

We invite you to register here www.iris.ca/advantage, using Access Code: DVBIA and discover how IRIS can help you experience better vision.

To learn more about IRIS or to book a consultation, visit their website


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