Here’s to the next ten years!

The DVBIA is proud to announce that their next ten-year mandate has officially been approved by Vancouver City Council! Council voted unanimously on Wednesday, February 26th to approve the DVBIA’s mandate renewal proposal, which includes significant investments to three of our core programs: community safety, placemaking, and festival sponsorship.

The DVBIA was encouraged and humbled by member support for this proposal throughout the past two years of consultation. Our open-house consultations in 2018 brought out new and existing members, and was an opportunity to share our vision for the next ten years. Our Annual General Meeting in 2019 brought our members together to vote on the renewal of our next ten-year mandate, our proposed 2020/21 budget, and the funding ceiling for the next renewal period. All motions were passed unanimously by our membership.

There are three million square feet of new downtown office space coming onto the market between 2020 and 2024, which will bring approximately 20,000 new employees into our district. Our newly-renewed mandate means that we will be able to keep pace with this growth, ensuring that our programs and services can expand and be enhanced beginning on April 1, 2020.  

Thank you to our wonderful members for your support and feedback throughout our consultation process, we appreciate all of your input and engagement as we worked towards this very important milestone. We can’t wait for what the next ten years will bring!


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