PuSh Festival

The 16th edition of the PuSh International Performing Arts Festival takes place from Jan 21 - Feb 9.

The 16th edition of the PuSh International Performing Arts Festival takes place from Jan 21 – Feb 9. The Festival features local and international works of theatre, music and dance. With installations, free events, community conversations, family-friendly shows and late-night dance parties, there’s something for everyone. Give yourself that winter PuSh you need.

Here are some of our top downtown performance highlights:

The fever — Jan 29–Feb 2

Location: The Annex

In these times of cultural fragmentation and heavy discord, art about the ways we work with—and against—each other has a special relevance, a special value. The Fever does exactly this. The New York Times calls it “a lovely, haunting meditation on human connection, and disconnection…” Don’t ask, just go. (USA)

Frontera — January 30

Location: Queen Elizabeth Theatre 

Choreographer Dana Gingras’ dance company Animals of Distinction brings together live musicians, in a unites post-rock masters Fly Pan Am spectacular fusion of sound and motion. The guiding ideas of the performance are borders and surveillance: how do they define us, and when do we dare challenge them? With a stunning visual light installation by United Visuals, this performance will undoubtedly fuse together sound, dance and light, promising an unforgettable evening for audiences alike.

Free Admission — Jan 31–Feb 2

Location: Scotiabank Dance Centre

Ursula Martinez, the acclaimed Director of PuSh’s 2019 Sold Out Club Show, Triple Threat, gets personal, political and philosophical in this soul-baring solo performance. As Martinez holds forth on the paradoxes of life, the absurdity of contemporary living and her own intimate feelings, she builds a wall between herself and the audience—a brick wall, to be exact. Free Admission is a funny, foul-mouthed send-up of digital-age self-promotion. The humour is biting but ultimately forgiving, even celebratory.

Agit-Pop! — Feb1

Location: Central Studios

Drag innovator Pearle Harbour comes for the kill with this tragicomic cabaret concert. Featuring reenactments, renditions, stories, tirades and more, Agit-Pop! is a mixtape of bangers fashioned from years of live performance at clubs, theatres, karaoke bars and drag shows across the nation. Expect to be enthralled, to be challenged and to be part of the fun.

To learn more or to see the full schedule of performances, visit the PuSH website


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