Member Spotlight: Juuga Marketing

Juuga Marketing Has Insights for You and offers for our members

“When new businesses get started, they are naturally very sales oriented because without sales they can’t sustain their business,” says Humphrey Ng of Juuga Marketing.

Only when they have enough sales do they begin to think about how to systematically organize sales, which leads them to consider marketing.  For most, this might mean social media such as Instagram or Facebook. It might be direct mail or buying advertisements in traditional media.  

“Clients have said to me that nothing they do works. We look to market insights to examine their activity and actual results. For example, a direct mail postcard with a coupon code got zero takers for one of our clients. Yet, a close look at traffic to his website on distribution day showed significant interest and ultimately increased sales.”

“Insight exists in two parts. There is data collection and then the expert interpretation of the data to implement effective strategies.”

Juuga’s mission is clear in their tagline: ‘Where Marketing Meets Technology’. They use insights to help increase sales and market reach and then to put smart automation in place so that business owners’ gain the freedom to devote time and energy into what they do best.

We’ve found that many businesses are unclear about the value of tracking their efforts. Google even offers a free tool, Google Analytics, to help this process. At Juuga, we take it up a level and help our clients understand the data and take best next steps to achieve their targets.

Humphrey Ng

Ng has noticed that marketing staff working for law or medical offices, retailers or service providers are often focused on setting up new advertising campaigns, but not very good at tracking. His service offers organizations the ability to pinpoint what in the sales funnel is working and what needs attention to leverage the customer’s journey.

“We can track which web pages they visit on a client’s site, the time they spend and their behaviour as they consume the content – and move to feel confident enough to buy online or to step into the physical location.”

The magic of marketing is in the interpretation and the planning to take next step. The strategy to grow effectively starts with a good assessment of what is in place now.

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