DVBIA’s Sustainability Initiatives

The DVBIA identified sustainability as a top priority for the association as part of our visioning process for our current five-year strategic plan.

The plan became a central element of our 2017-2022 vision, which is reviewed regularly to ensure that all priorities have meaningful and realistic goals to accompany them.

As part of a regular check-in of our strategic goals, we noted that there has been a tremendous amount of growth in the area of sustainability. Sustainability is now something that is considered for all of our program areas, and we would like to share our current initiatives with you, our members, in the hopes that there may be best practices that apply to your own industries and businesses. If you have any questions about our programs, please contact our Manager of Economic Development, Gavin Duffus, at gavin@dtvan.ca.

Internal processes:

  • Using Bullfrog Energy to offset emissions
  • Participating in our building’s recycling and compost program
  • Compostable utensils and packaging at all lunch meetings
  • Purchasing carbon offsets for airline travel
  • Mobi bike share membership
  • Eco-friendly soaps and cleaning supplies
  • DVBIA Achievement Awards made from reclaimed wood
  • Event sponsorship guidelines require a high degree of sustainable initiatives
  • DVBIA’s Clean Team collects and sorts waste/recycling (stats below)
  • Digital reporting (instead of paper-based) for Safety Ambassador Team
  • DVBIA branded reusable mugs and water bottles
  • Street banners recycled into banner tote bags
  • Free Little Libraries book borrowing program in perch spaces
  • Production of a map that illustrates which coffee shops offer discounts with reusable mugs
  • Cigarette butt campaign demonstrating impact of micro-waste in the downtown core


Clean Team recycling stats (October 2019):

  • 146 bags of garbage
  • 130 bags of recycling
  • 338 sharps picked up
  • 17 hours – cleaning
  • 267 areas of graffiti
  • 11 hours – pressure washing sidewalks



  • Single-use item reduction strategy
  • Transit expansion
  • Energy efficient buildings (ie, passive house projects)


Initiatives that we sponsor financially:

  • My Green Space
  • The Binner’s Project
  • Hives for Humanity
  • HUB Cycling
  • Bike Valet


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