Dialogues with DVBIA Leadership

This year, the DVBIA launched a new event series called “Dialogues with DVBIA Leadership”, which brought together key members of the DVBIA with our Vancouver City Councillors in a small group setting. The format, consisting of the DVBIA Board of Directors, senior DVBIA staff and select members of our Policy Advisory Council, has allowed us to have a meaningful discussion about the issues, challenges and opportunities facing our city and region, and explore how we can work together to effect change. It has also given us an opportunity to get to know our councillors in a more relaxed and informal setting, helping us to understand their unique interests and priorities as they relate to our member businesses.

So far we have been able to discuss several issues, including climate action, public safety, the future of retail and local business, economic development, permitting, and homelessness. Through these discussions with councillors we have brainstormed creative approaches to issues, and look forward to further discussions about the issues that matter to our members.