CityHive’s 30 under 30

Three DVBIA team members have joined the City Hive’s 30 Under 30 6-week program.

Ceire Tiernan, the DVBIA’s Administrative Assistant has joined CityHive’s Envirolab program, an innovation lab that acts to bridge a gap between young people and decision-making spaces that are addressing climate change. A city like Vancouver has an opportunity to be a leader in building resilient, long-lasting and effective solutions to climate change. 

Over two-and-a-half years, there will be 5 separate labs, each focusing on specific urban sustainability challenges in Metro Vancouver.

The goal of the people centered lab is to:

  • build literacy around environmental issues; 
  • provide networks, space and partnerships to support solutions design and capacity building; and,
  • catalyze collaborative, meaningful youth-led actions and projects that address environmental challenges.

Ceire is participating in the first (Lighter Footprint) of 5 separate labs, each focusing on specific urban sustainability challenges in Metro Vancouver. Ceire is driven by the opportunity to increase access for people to engage with sustainability in a way that is rooted in equity, and affordability.

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CityHive and Youthful Cities are co-hosting the 30Network on Civic Engagement, with the DVBIA’s Public Spaces and Placemaking Coordinators, Clare Warner and Winki Tam taking part in this cohort. The workshops will explore current issues in civic engagement and social isolation, with participants being given the chance to co-create projects to tackle social isolation and support engagement at the community or local level.

The first City Shapers program will be held over seven sessions in October and November, on weekday evenings and one full-day workshop.

This program will also explore how physical design and local governance affect isolation, what governments are doing to address isolation and promote inclusion, and how being more connected can contribute to more democratically engaged communities.

A huge congratulations to Ceire, Clare and Winki on this achievement.


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