It’s Time to Upcycle

Upcycling is becoming more and more popular. It has many benefits both the environment, and your wallet.

Upcycling is becoming more and more popular because of its benefits for the environment and your wallet. Although recycling is necessary, the materials recycled often end up in landfills after repeatedly being turned into more degrading objects. Upcycling allows those materials to be reused without ruining its quality. Here are some tips and ideas for upcycling that anyone can try!


Stencils are often forgotten when repainting a piece of furniture, but they can add so much life it the piece. They can be bought, printed out, or personally made.

Don’t forget that paint can be applied in unique ways. Splatter painting is achieved by brushing the brush with your fingers quickly, or using a toothbrush dipped lightly with paint for a cleaner style. Visible brush strokes give the furniture a handmade look and work well for vintage pieces. A sponge provides the paint with an airy, light feel to it as well. Lastly, to hide signs of wearing on furniture, sand and paint it for a brand-new look. 

Change drawer knobs 

When upcycling a drawer or cabinet, changing the knobs can completely transform the look. Using key or lock knobs can give the furniture an antique feel, while zippers or stones give it a more robust look. This also gives you a chance to personalize the drawer, such as having your favourite animal, colour, or food on it. 

Take inspiration from current trends

Trendy items can get expensive, but making your own version personalizes it and is cheaper. For example, scrunchies can be made out of old clothing, a hair tie, and a sewing needle and thread or sewing machine. Shoes can be decorated with patches of patterned fabrics or added on zippers. Lace can be made into choker necklaces, hair ties, or even belts. 

It’s a good idea to get inspiration from websites too. We’ve listed our favourite sites below that will get those creative juices flowing:

Be creative

Creativity is always needed when upcycling. Old ladders can be used as shelves, a big barrel can transform into a bench, light bulbs can become a plant habitat, the possibilities are endless! 

This article was written by Rebecca Wong, a junior summer intern. More of Rebecca’s articles will be featured in the upcoming months.


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