Healthy Eating Downtown

Tractor is known for its quick-serve, deliciously healthy food. With three stores already downtown and a fourth on its way, Tractor is undoubtedly making its mark within the downtown core.

Anyone who has walked by the Marine building at lunchtime knows how popular Tractor has become. What do you attribute to this success?

We believe in delivering healthy, delicious food to people quickly and conveniently. So often, quick-serve food is not good for you. When we launched Tractor, we wanted to make it easier for those looking for healthy options. Our menu is meant to be approachable with a seasonal veggie-heavy backdrop. Everything is made from scratch in house, again this is unique for quick-serve restaurants. We offer menu items that are vegan, gluten-free, vegetarian, and we also have options for those who want protein such as chicken and fish. Clean eating shouldn’t be difficult. I think this is what people want more of today; therefore, the formula works.

What is your favourite item on the menu? 

I always have at least one kale salad in my bowl and a grilled avocado (I guess that’s two items). When we launched just over six years ago, grilled avocado was totally unique and not many people had ever tried one. Today, many restaurants around town sell grilled avocados. It has become a Vancouver staple!

You are expanding! Tell us about your newest downtown locations.

Yes, we’re excited about our next few stores coming online. We currently have three stores in downtown Vancouver (the Marine Building, Robson Steet, and our new Tractor Digital concept in Park Place at 666 Burrard). Tractor Digital is geared for downtown professionals who want to order online quickly, grab their food and eat. This store doesn’t have a dining room. Orders are captured through our app, then customers simply walk in and pick up their meals, with no need to speak to anyone or wait in any lines. Simple and fast! This Fall, we will open our fourth downtown location at 700 West Pender (Pender and Granville).

What does being part of the downtown Vancouver business community mean to you?

Downtown Vancouver is a vibrant, dynamic community. Being part of this fast-paced community has allowed us to test out new food ideas and be held accountable for the product we are offering. We’re honoured to be part of this thriving area and look forward to continuing to grow and expand.


Tractor’s Founders are Meghan and Steve Clarke


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