Yoga in Van

Ian Hand began Yoga in Van to bring yoga to offices and workplaces – perfect for those busy schedules! All yoga mats are provided, and all that is required is a clear physical space.

Yoga Teaching of the ages reaches us even today, in the preservation of Vedic literature and through scriptural and oral traditions of world religions. We apply these ageless teachings to our times and find spontaneous connection with others and new meanings in life.

My name is Ian and I began Yoga in Van to bring the heart of yoga to offices and workplaces. Yoga is a simple and beautiful activity to integrate into a workday. It only takes a clear physical space and a comfortable seat (sometimes on a yoga mat) to practice yoga. Yoga in Van gets you started with certified and insured teachers, core lessons in hatha yoga (light movement, stretching and release). We provide yoga mats and everything required for a safe and fun yoga class, at work.  

Yoga in Van Class Styles

  • Meditation (Raja Yoga). The stilling of the mind opening the way into direct perception. Integration of body mind and feelings into a state of inner wellbeing.

  • Yin Yoga (Hatha Yoga). A series of long-held postures designed for joint health, flexibility, circulation, balance. Done on a yoga mat in comfortable/loose fitting or athletic/yoga clothing.

  • Flow Yoga (Hatha Yoga). A series of energetic postures in a continuous flow. Builds strength, flexibility, balance, aids in digestion. Done on a yoga mat with comfortable, athletic or yoga clothing.

Ian Hand, E-RYT 200

Ian Hand is a teacher, practitioner and lifelong student of yoga. Ian finds his daily yoga and meditation practice to inspire energy and creativity and this he hopes to share with students in their own creative pursuits. Ian completed his 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training at Yandara Yoga, Baja California Sur.  


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