Granville Window Wraps

Vacancies are down and new businesses are booming on Granville.

The newest additions to the Granville Entertainment District are enjoying steady business. Colony Bar and Hotel Belmont are the most recent additions to this ever-evolving street, and more improvements are on the horizon.

Deloitte will be moving into the former Tom Lee Building this Fall, and Cineplex will soon begin construction on their Rec Room concept at 855 Granville Street.

The DVBIA has dedicated extra resources to ensure the street is clean, safe, and welcoming to all. The Downtown Vancouver Clean Team removes litter and does regular power-washing on Granville Street, while the Downtown Safety Ambassadors patrol the area to reduce crime.  

These investments are intended to usher in a new era for the street, which is already underway. Storefront vacancies are down 15% since 2017, however several leasing opportunities remain. Colourful window wraps improve the appearance of vacant properties, such as this one which was recently installed at the former Buy & Sell on the 1000 Block.

Watch this space for more Granville improvements! 


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