Granville Spotlight – The Mexican

Authentic Mexican food and delicious margaritas keep us coming back to this Granville hot spot!

How many years has The Mexican been open on Granville Street?
We had been 8 and a half years  on Granville Street.

How would you describe the menu and ambiance of the The Mexican?

We wanted to create a relaxed authentic environment for our restaurant. The aim for the restaurant and menu was to create dishes that would both provide an exciting introduction to Mexican cuisine, while satisfying the taste of home for our loyal Mexican customers living here. Whether you are passing by or going out with friends we wish to create a fun friendly atmosphere to enjoy a taste of Mexico.

What do you recommend from the food and drink menu?

The crowd favourite has  to be the Barrigon, homemade chorizo and pastor mixed with sirloin steak covered in melted Asadero cheese and our special green salsas, (can’t go wrong with it). As for the drinks if you are in the mood for something very authentic the Cubana is  where beer meets Mexican flavours, but I promise you that we also make a  killer Margarita.

How has Granville Street changed in the time that you have been in business? What does being part of the Granville business community mean to you?

For a popular entertainment district it is great to see a healthy combination of new incoming businesses  and the old corner stores working side by side.

Are there any specials or promotions that people should know about? 

We offer a happy hour menu  from Monday to Friday 2:30 to 4:30 pm.

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