Next steps for the DVBIA’s ten-year mandate renewal

With the Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association’s 30th Annual General Meeting now wrapped up, we have reached another very important milestone in the journey toward our 2020 mandate renewal. DVBIA members voted unanimously to approve our next ten-year renewal, the year-one budget, and the funding ceiling of our next renewal period.

Having done extensive consultation with our members throughout the past eight months, we were pleased to learn that our membership was very supportive of our plans to expand our clean and safe efforts by 50 per cent, our support for festivals and events by three times, and our placemaking initiatives by six times. We will also make enhancements to our core member services, such as marketing, economic development, and advocacy.

In December, the City of Vancouver will mail a formal notification to all member businesses, which will be followed by a 30-day notice period for any objections to the DVBIA’s renewal. In February or March of 2020, City Council will meet to hear speakers regarding the proposed renewal, and the final vote will occur at that time.

To learn more about our plans for the coming 2020-2030 mandate, and to learn about the member consultation that helped guide the vision for the coming decade, please click here.


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