Granville Spotlight: The Pawn Shop

For this month's Granville Spotlight we chat with Peter Raptis, Managing Partner of The Pawn Shop & The Refinery

How long has The Pawn Shop been in business?

The Pawn Shop Opened in December of 2017 and took the place of our previous business SIP Lounge at 1117 Granville that was a Downtown Staple since 2004

Is there a story behind the name “The Pawn Shop”?

When it came time to retire SIP lounge brand and embark on a new venture, we had reached out to many new young aspiring restaurant talents in the city. We wanted to allow someone to join our team and give them the chance to make an impact in the food and beverage industry. With most people wanting to stay with what they felt was a safer play by working in Yaletown or Gastown we heard a very consistent reply… “Granville restaurants can’t work… it’s more of a street for porn shops and pawn shops” we heard this so many times that we finally decided to go back to our routes, open it on our own and well if “pawn shop” is what they want, “pawn shop” is what they get… except we don’t buy gold, we sell it!

What do you recommend from the food and drink menu?

If you are coming into the Pawn Shop, you have to try the Carnitas Tacos and the new Street Corn, two of my fav’s!

How has Granville Street changed in the time that you have been in business? What does being part of the Granville business community mean to you?

We have been on this street as owners for 15 years now and longer as hospitality staff, the street has had a lot of changes, seen some of the best times in our cities history and always has a way bringing people down in large numbers. The younger generation is discovering the street and quality of small businesses, and the ever-changing nightlife is inspiring to see.

Are there any upcoming special events or promotions that people should know about?

We have Vancouver’s best happy hour every day from 3-6pm with $1.99 taco’s! We do not accept reservations but the seats turn and we love to feed the people so grab some friends and grab some gold!


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